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Arena Strikers Academy
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Training and Formation Center

Welcome to Arena Strikers Soccer Academy, Miami's premier football institution dedicated to developing young talent. Our state-of-the-art facilities, expert coaching staff, and comprehensive training programs ensure a holistic approach to player development. We prioritize not only technical skills but also values like teamwork and discipline. With a focus on academic excellence and community engagement, Arena Strikers is more than a soccer academy – it's a family. Join us in building a legacy of excellence on and off the field in the heart of Miami.

Whether your child seeks recreational enjoyment or aspires to a professional career, our academy offers tailored programs designed to unlock their full potential. From the age of 5 onwards, our top-notch coaches, handpicked from the ranks of various renowned clubs and specially trained for this task, provide guidance every step of the way.

Experience the thrill of training in a world-class facility, leveraging our partnership to gain insights and techniques from the highest levels of the game. Join a community of passionate players, driven by a shared love for the sport and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Don't just dream of greatness – make it a reality. Enroll now and witness the transformation as your child's soccer skills soar to new heights under the guidance of our exceptional coaching staff. Unleash their potential and pave the way for a future shaped by the beautiful game.


  • ✔ Argentinos Juniors Official Academy
  • ✔ Ages: +5
  • ✔ Professional Training : $100 inscription and $100 per monnth (uniform included)
  • ✔ Recreational Training : $100 inscription and $100 per monnth (uniform included)
  • ✔ 2 times per week
  • ✔ Experienced coaches

Summer Camp

Welcome to our extraordinary summer camp, where children delight in a world of tailor-made activities designed exclusively for them, with a soccer twist. From 8 am to 4 pm, our campers immerse themselves in a day filled with endless fun and excitement.

Our expertise lies in soccer, and we take pride in offering a program that not only enhances their skills on the field but also cultivates a love for the beautiful game. Our experienced coaches provide top-notch training sessions, ensuring every child improves their soccer abilities and develops a passion for teamwork and sportsmanship.

But that's just the beginning. Our summer camp goes beyond soccer, offering a plethora of diverse activities that guarantee non-stop entertainment. From thrilling team challenges and exciting games to creative arts and crafts, each day is packed with adventure and exploration.

Watch as your child's confidence soars while they make new friends, build lasting memories, and discover their hidden talents. Our dedicated team is committed to creating an unforgettable summer experience, where laughter and learning go hand in hand.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity. Enroll your child now and let them embark on a summer adventure they'll cherish for a lifetime.


  • ✔ Argentinos Juniors Partnership
  • ✔ Lunch and 2 snacks included
  • ✔ Ages: +5
  • ✔ Experienced Coaches
  • ✔ Team work
  • ✔ From 8am to 4pm